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Dicebreaker Podcast

Oct 4, 2021

Matt, Liv and Lolies put their own spin on Squid Game by imagining which board games we would literally stake our lives on. Liv chats about wrapping up her year-long Icewind Dale campaign in D&D and saving the world from Cthulhu in Eldritch Horror, Lolies has been getting her Ripley on in Alien: Fate of the Nostromo and swapping Star Realms for Hero Realms, and Matt looks forward to sports drama RPG Fight with Spirit and Ticket to Ride’s pink trains. There’s talk of the next evolution of D&D, the tabletop RPG based on comic series DIE, and a look at the team’s plans for EGX and Essen Spiel. We also answer your questions on the best hardboiled detective games, video games we’d like to see come to the tabletop and how many lollies (and Lolies) would fit in a Danny DeVito piñata.